“Kick Me In The Jimmy!”

Its cup-check time for me here at the Jock Strap. It’s time to take aim at my crotch and deliver a well placed blow to the beanbag to ensure that I’m in compliance with all safety rules. Why, you ask? Because this is my(Blaze) first venture into the arena known as the Jock Strap……here goes nothing.

We have plenty of things to talk about this week here in Atlanta. The Hawks are in the play-offs, the Braves season has started and the city is excited about the Falcon’s upcoming draft and some swirling trade rumors. With all that said, what’s got my attention this week is the upcoming UFC happening Sat. night.

Being the resident “MMA” guy here at the J Strap I feel as though it is my duty to cover such things and this weekends UFC should not disappoint. We have Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on the same bill and that can only mean fireworks. Not to mention some great fights on the undercard.

Lets talk about the Main Event. Anderson Silva will be defending his UFC Middleweight belt against Thales Leites. I see this fight being fairly cut and dry with Anderson Silva coming out on top. Silva is one of those fighters that you don’t mind seeing fight people he should beat because half the fun is seeing just what tricks he will pull out of his bag of laughs. Not to say that Leites doesn’t have a “pizza rolls chance at Dr. Rickman’s house” of winning b/c he is a very tough guy but I just can’t see him taking the crown from Silva. While Leites’ strengths are his BJJ and his heart, Silva brings some of the best post KO celebration dances in MMA history…….not to mention being the most dominant striker in UFC history and widely regarded as the “pound for pound” best fighter in MMA. I see this ending early and in spectacular fashion. Leites has all the heart in the world so I doubt he’ll fold but I think he will be overwhelmed by Silva’s pinpoint accuracy and relentless mariachi dance moves.

Next we have Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Both fighters need this fight to be a war. Quick KO’s do nothing for fighters with question marks. Liddell has dropped a few recent fights and Shogun just hasn’t looked like the Shogun of old since his onslaught of injuries that started a few years ago. Both guys need to win to stay in the UFC so I expect nothing less than a feeding frenzy for this fight. Both guys are great fighters but I think that Shogun will pull this one off. He is still very young and aggressive and should be able to push the pace against Liddell and wear him down. I’m thinking Shogun in the second round.

Another interesting fight on this card is the Cheick Kongo vs. Antoni Hardonk. Both fighters are great kickboxers and I’m interested to see how it’ll play itself out. If I had to pick I’d give Kongo the edge due to pure ferociousness. He is huge, he is mean and he seems to get better every time he fights.

Its getting late so I’m going to wrap it up. Maybe I’ll add some more analysis later but right now its bed time. I thought I should test the water here and I did. I will go to bed wearing  my jock and a smile.

Thanks and more to come,



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